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Rado Watches: Where Luxury Meets Precision (2023)

Rado Watches

Rado watch

  • Swiss luxury watchmaker Rado is renowned for its creative material selection. Schlup & Co., the company’s original name when it was created in 1917, was replaced by Rado in 1957. When Rado released the DiaStar, a timepiece constructed of scratch-resistant high-tech ceramic, it made its first significant advancement. Rado became a pioneer in the field of materials technology as a result of this significant advancement at the time.

 rado watches


  • Since then, Rado has kept challenging the limits of materials science. It debuted the Ceramica, the first watch made entirely of ceramic, in 1986. It debuted the True Thinline, the smallest mechanical timepiece ever, in 2002. The HyperChrome watch, which is composed of a new kind of scratch-resistant ceramic that is even tougher than the original DiaStar, was also debuted in 2017.


  • In addition to using cutting-edge materials, Rado timepieces are known for their svelte, simple designs. The curving lines and smooth surfaces of the company’s timepieces are often used to identify them. Rado timepieces have been distinguished by this kind of design, or “Radical Design,” since the 1960s.


  • Celebrities and fashion icons like Rado watches. David Beckham, Kate Moss, and Angelina Jolie are just a few famous personalities who have been seen sporting Rado timepieces. Collectors are also interested of Rado timepieces. The timepieces made by the business are often sold at expensive auctions.

History of Rado watches

Rado is a luxurious Swiss watchmaker renowned for its cutting-edge designs and unorthodox use of materials. Here is a synopsis of Rado’s past:

  • Years of Founding (1917–1950s): Fritz, Ernst, and Werner Schlup, three brothers, began Rado in 1917 as “Schlup & Co.” in the sleepy Swiss village of Lengnau. At first, the business solely put together watch movements using components from other suppliers. The company’s name was formally changed to Rado in 1950. Rado is a combination of the terms “Radha” (a Hindu deity) and “Swiss” (marking the country of the brand’s birth).


  • Rado acquired great popularity in 1962 with the release of the Rado DiaStar, sometimes referred to as the “Original.” Due to the usage of strong metal and sapphire crystal, it was the first scratch-resistant watch ever made. Rado stood apart from other watchmakers because to its innovation.


  • Rado continued to explore with materials throughout the 1970s and 1980s. They created ceramic timepieces in the 1970s and 1980s, which were lightweight and resistant to wear and scratching. The first watch in history with a case, bracelet, and dial constructed completely of high-tech ceramic was the Rado Integral, which was introduced in 1986.


  • Swiss Excellence Group (1983): Rado joined the Swiss Excellence Group in 1983, along with other illustrious Swiss watch companies like Omega and Longines. Rado’s position in the market for luxury watches was strengthened as a result of this partnership.


  • Rado True Thinline (2011): In 2011, Rado introduced the Rado True Thinline, continuing its heritage of innovation. This watch, which was fashioned of sophisticated ceramic and was very thin, demonstrated Rado’s dedication to fusing form and function.


  • Rado’s watches Design Philosophy: Rado has received accolades for its basic, utilitarian designs that are frequently defined by clean lines. To produce limited-edition timepieces with distinctive looks, the company worked with well-known designers and architects.


  • Rado watches Recent Developments: Rado keeps incorporating new materials into its watch designs, such plasma high-tech ceramic and metallized sapphire crystals. They provide a broad choice of collections to suit all preferences, from traditional to modern.


  • Rado watches Awards & Recognition: Rado has won several prizes throughout the years for its creative designs and material choices. The company is renowned for its dedication to excellence in design and production.

Rado has established a reputation for adopting cutting-edge materials and design ideas while yet maintaining the integrity of traditional watchmaking. Their timepieces are favored by watch aficionados and collectors all around the globe for their dependability, scratch resistance, and unusual design.

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  • A reputable name in the watch business is Rado. The business has received multiple honours for its cutting-edge designs and material choices. A representation of elegance, style, and innovation are Rado timepieces.


The following are a some of the most well-known Rado watches:


  • Captain Cook: The 1962 debut of Rado’s first diver’s watch served as the inspiration for this line. The 300-meter water resistance of the stainless steel and high-tech ceramic Captain Cook watches.            

    Rado watch

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  • True Square: This line of watches includes square timepieces built of high-tech ceramic. There are several colors and designs for the True Square watches.

Rado watch True Square

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  • Centrix: This range is renowned for its adaptability. High-tech ceramic, stainless steel, and gold are just a few of the materials, sizes, and colors that the Centrix watches are offered in.

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  • DiaStar: This line pays homage to Rado’s first scratch-resistant timepiece. The DiaStar watches come in a variety of designs and are constructed of high-tech ceramic.


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  • True Thinline: This line consists of ceramic timepieces that are very thin. The thinnest mechanical watches in the world are True Thinline timepieces.

True Thinline

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Conclusion of Rado watches

Anyone seeking for a fashionable and cutting-edge wristwatch may choose Rado watches. The timepieces produced by the firm are crafted from materials of the finest quality and are built to endure for many years. As they often increase in value over time, Rado watches are also a wise investment.


A Rado watches is a fantastic choice if you’re searching for a high-end timepiece that is both fashionable and cutting edge. Rado offers watches in a variety of styles and materials to suit every taste.

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